Portfolio July 2016

Its been another 6 months (7!) and its time for another update. I am in the process of switching brokers, since my old broker decided to change their fee structure from only transaction costs to a yearly fee. This doesn’t fit my goals of long term passive investing. I found a decent broker that doesnt […]

Portfolio June 2015

It’s June and its time for another update, because I got my hands on some extra cash. A job bonus (5% of yearly income) tax returns holiday money (8% of yearly income) There is quite a bit of ‘noise’ about the stock market being overvalued. However, I did let it sort of get to me. VTI […]

Portfolio Februari 2015 (1 year in)

It has been exactly one year since I commenced investing for financial independence. I read books, lurked and discussed on forums, and changed strategies quite a bit. Now, i feel quite comfortable with all the lingo and the path I choose. The portfolio is back to what it should be: only ETF index funds! I […]


Regular investment optimalisation

As discussed in the article on Rule 3: make regular investments there are benefits to being longer in the market, but also downsides to making regular transaction costs. This calculator will make a comparison between the options. yearly investment ($) fixed transaction cost ($) variable transaction cost (%) expected return (%) create table Yearly Investment: The […]

Portfolio October 2014

October was an interesting month. The month started off with a significant pull back of the market. Vanguard Total (VT) pulled back abit, around 7%. However, halfway October the index started gaining some ground again, almost back at levels where we started off. Did I react emotionally? Well, just a bit. on the one hand […]

Rule #3: Make regular investments

Index investing is about following an index, but this project is also about making regular investments. This has several benefits, which will be discussed below. However, there is more to consider. Put your money to work ASAP The first benefit is that you invest your money as soon as it is available. That way, you […]


Future Portfolio Value

initial value ($) yearly investment ($) expected return (%) years from now create table Portfolio value: The amount that you initially start with. Yearly Investment: The amount of money that you expect to invest each year. Example: 12000 Expected return: The yearly return that you expect. The long term return of the stock market is […]

How much growth can I expect with Index Investing?

Compounding: earning money on money already earned Let’s see how a euro invested, grows toward the end of our long-run, say 30 years from now. The average long term return on investment in stock indices is about 8%. The growth factor would be 1.0800. This is called the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) We will […]

Rule #1: Keep the costs of investing low

We are all in this game to earn some significant money. However, so are the brokers and other facilitators. They will try to make money off of your money! Which is okay up to some point, as long as the benefits they provide outweigh the costs. As we’re trying to make use of compounding growth, it […]