Portfolio July 2016

Its been another 6 months (7!) and its time for another update. I am in the process of switching brokers, since my old broker decided to change their fee structure from only transaction costs to a yearly fee. This doesn’t fit my goals of long term passive investing. I found a decent broker that doesnt charge yearly fees, and also pays for the costs of switching brokers. Perfect!

In the mean time, stock markets are at (alltime) highs again, boosting my portfolio to new records. Since the beginning of 2016, I invested 15k euros, even though I switched to a less paying (but more free time) job. Not too bad, since I also got married in the mean time. Luckily for me, my wife isn’t one of those ‘all-out’ bride-zillas. Still we managed to host a wonderful day and evening, for all our family and friends.

In 2017 I will start a new job, that will increasemy salary (and spare time) to old levels, but also allows me to gain a lot of experience in a new work field. Looking forward to starting there soon…!

Back to the numbers. Since last post (december 2015) I invested 15k euros, bringing my total invested amount to €66.000. My portfolio grew from € 57k to € 76k….


costs vs value, my portfolio has gained 15.4% in total. Considering a somewhat constant influx of new investments, which haven’t been able to gain for a long time, that’s quite a satisfying result.

Better yet, I made the 25% mark of my goal! I have been at this for about 2.5 years. At this rate, I will reach my goals sooner than i thought. True, I had a bit of savings already, but also the snowball should roll faster and faster.  I increase my goals? or attain them sooner…?


Although this feels nice,  I should not think about my path in absolute portfolio value. A better way to think about investing is to focus on the things within my control, such as savings rates and amount invested. Those are the factors that give a steady grinder all that he can wish for. The snowball is in this phase still mostly build by my own efforts. Im still pushing on flat lands, though it’s slope already starts to gain some traction.

Lets plough further and harder, farmers!