Portfolio June 2015

It’s June and its time for another update, because I got my hands on some extra cash.

  1. A job bonus (5% of yearly income)
  2. tax returns
  3. holiday money (8% of yearly income)

There is quite a bit of ‘noise’ about the stock market being overvalued. However, I did let it sort of get to me. VTI has been higher than ever, and VEU is doing quite alright for a change. So, instead of keeping it simple and sticking to my 2 ETFs, I purchased VEU, Realty Income (O) and WP Carey Inc (WPC).

  • 95 VEU @ $50.62
  • 100 O @ $45.80
  • 63 WPC @ $61.32

In 2015, I already deployed about € 14,000 of fresh capital. Quite a bit higher than my target of 1000 per month. And the great thing is that I also decreased my costs in the past 2 weeks. Lower energy bills, lower insurance bills, lower phone bills. That should result in an extra 60-70 euros per month that i can invest. new target for 2015: invest 20,000 euros.




invested: € 39,000
portfolio value: € 45,117
portfolio gain: € 6,117


Progress: I’m at 15% of my 300k goal