Portfolio October 2014

October was an interesting month. The month started off with a significant pull back of the market. Vanguard Total (VT) pulled back abit, around 7%. However, halfway October the index started gaining some ground again, almost back at levels where we started off.


Did I react emotionally? Well, just a bit. on the one hand I was sad to see my former gains disappear. On the other hand, I realized that this might be an opportunity. Both ‘hands’ are wrong. We cannot predict the market, so we should not react to it. Our strategy must stay the same: invest a fixed amount on a regular basis.

So, what did I do this month? Hungry by the lowered prices, I made several investments.

 Buy: 200 shares of ARCP $12.00

American Realty Capital Properties is a REIT that was priced a bit lower than usual. I have to admit, I got caught up in this dividend stock by reading about it at Jason’s blog DividendMantra. His idea of a three stage rocket, with higher yielding stocks in the start phase did appeal to me. This stock yields over 8%, which sounds quite appealing. Even though  I try to stick to index investing, I guess I am still feeling the water a bit and trying different pools, so to speak.

EDIT: As per 29th of October 2014, the stock plummeted to $8 because of an accounting scandal….! Maybe this is a good lesson to learn, about risk of individual stocks.
Total investment: $ 2415.00

Buy: 14 shares of VTI $95.72

Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF is an extremely low cost index fund. They invest and balance out thousands of stocks at an expense ratio of only 0.05%.
Total investment: $ 1354.22

Buy: 70 shares of UNA €29.65

Also following a tip by Jason from DividendMantra, I bought Unilever shares. However, I bought them at a euro stock market, which were considerably cheaper when taking into account euros vs dollars. Also, I thought it would be nice to  have a couple of euro shares in my portfolio, since that is my base currency.
Total investment: € 2085.00

 Div: O

In september I aquired 50 shares of Realty Income (O), which paid its monthly after tax dividends.
Total dividends received: $7.79

Portfolio: progress

My portfolio is growing every month. However, almost everything is done by saving and investing. The so called snowball takes a lot of time and effort to get rolling. Mine is still so small that there is hardly any snow sticking to it’s outer edges.


The portfolio has cost me about €22,900 , and has a value of about €22,800


This brings me closer to my goal. At the end of September my progress was about 6.0%.  At the end of October my progress is about 7.6%. Thats a wopping 1.6% increase. Obviously, this is an investing rate (race?) that i cannot keep up. I invested a total of over $6300. This is because I’m investing part of my salary but also part of my savings.

As this blog has just started, I’m curious for any (…any?) reader out there and hear how their month went 🙂